Diva Mommies Traveling Tips

We love to travel and now as parents; the traveling semantic has changed. Federal regulations are now in place that affect you, which may not have, before your cub came along. No worries…you can still relax on a beach with the little one in tow…here’s how.

Everyone needs one; gone are the days of the photo id and birth certificate. The littlest baby requires a passport. Children who are under 16 years old, their passport is good for 5 years; those 16 and older, it’s good for 10 years. Please make sure this is completed before you book a trip abroad (to avoid the expense and chaos of rush passports). Visit www.travel.state.gov/passport for forms and processing.

You may have purchased a lovely gift for Nana, and wish to give it to her the minute you step off the plane… think twice. You will not be able to bring wrapped presents on board. By not checking it, you run the risk of security officers having to unwrap and open it. Check those gifts or send them ahead.

Pat DownsHere’s some insight on Pat Downs; what prompts it and things you need to know:
Pat downs are to rectify alarms at the check points including metal detectors alerts. They’re also used when a traveler opts out of the AIT (Advance Imaging Technology) screening.

Things to know:*
You have the right to have the pat down performed by the same gendered officer. You may request to have it conducted in a private room and witnessed by someone you choose.

* Clear everything out of your pockets to avoid triggering the metal detectors.
* Don’t wear the chunky jewelry or accessories.

What to Wear
We like to look good moving through the airport, but remember to be practical. The plane is sometimes chilly, bring a sweater or wear something that will work on the flight and your final destination.
Comfortable shoes: bear in mind you have to take you shoes off and do the same for the little ones. Opt for slip on shoes, mules, clogs or flip flops; so you can get “dressed” quickly.
Your body piercing jewelry may set off alarms; can’t hurt to leave it in the check-in bag.

Quick tips:*
Make packing lists to ensure you bring everything…like the chargers.
* Use zip lock bags for bottles in case of spills in the suitcase; they can also be use for wet or dirty clothes returning home.
* Arrive early – rushing at the airport is so un “Diva” like.
* Remember it’s your vacation too…Enjoy yourself!

Bon Voyage!

Source: www.tsa.gov