Haute Mom-ma

October 31, 2011 by DivaMommies

We are so pleased to have Karen St. Hilaire, president of Kadence LLC  here to discuss maintaining the Haute Momma in you.

Haute Mom-ma

It is said having a child is one of the most wonderful experiences that a woman can experience. Bringing a new life into the world changes ones entire perspective on what life should be and how it should be lived. 

With that, parental role transforms a woman from the role of a rider in life to that of a driver of life. A rider goes through life to experience whatever it has to offer. They live life for the moment and at most times, enjoy the experience for all it’s worth, some call that selfish living. 

It is at that time a man falls in love with his woman for the first time all over again. Freedom allows us to just be great. It allows the goddess in us to show off and when that happens, joy exudes from her pores. Hair nails, outfits pop just because she feels sexy and of course, the mister in her life is in seventh heaven. 

When a child comes along a woman becomes the driver because decisions and actions will now affect another person that they will affect this little beings life. The mommy role is a twenty-four seven, three sixty-five type of gig. No vacation or sick days come with that package and the mister, in some cases, becomes tertiary. The woman focuses on the child(ren) and stays in mommy mode. 

Do you remember when you were younger the boys were always in love with someone’s mom? There was one mom that was just fly day in and day out. Well, she knew the secret of being that hands on mom and haute sexy wife. She wanted her hubby to know that he still had the magic touch. 

Here are five tips to be that haute mom

Walks: A family that works out together will grow healthy together. Go on walks as a family every once in a while (create your schedule). And for the winter months, find an activity where everyone can participate. Yes, the infant can go along as well. Get creative. 

Accentuate the positive: Did the baby bring you hips or boobies? Wear clothing and accessories that will flaunt the haut-ee that you’ve become (as it may be temporary). Your hubby is sure to go crazy. 

Girl Time: Keep your hair and mani-pedi appointments. Don’t let the goddess in you wither away because you have assumed the role of mommy. 

Date at home: No sitter? Get dressed, order in, have some wine or cider and do a dinner date at home. After that, cue the iPod with a play list of pre-set favorites and dance the night away. Yes, the baby is part of the night but I think they will retire before the date is over. 

Code switch: speak to the kids in mommy voice and tone but speak to your husband in lover, hubby and life partner tone. 

Being a haute mom and wife can be hard because it’s easier said than done, however, the end result will be such a rewarding one. Remember, your children will venture from home at some point. You don’t want to learn how to love your partner all over again and you surely don’t want him to forget how to love you. 

Sashay you way into motherhood and be that Diva-Mommy that only you can be to that little person. More importantly, be that haute woman that only you can be. 

About Karen St.Hilaire: Karen St. Hilaire is a certified Life Coach and the president of Kadence LLC. To learn more about Kadence LLC, visit www.kadencellc.com


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