Diva Mommies Services

Here at Diva Mommies you will learn trendy ideas about what to wear, where to go, how to do it and remain chic…yet still reveal the side that can throw on a cap, t-shirt & sneakers and ride down the slide with her kid.

It’s where your “Diva” and “Mommy” can happily co-exist.

The Mom
Diva Mommies offer workshops and seminars on empowerment, family, beauty and health related topics for Moms. We believe in highlighting and encouraging moms like you. Here we promote the wonderful opportunity to educate, network and socialize with one another. Your children are welcomed at these events and entertained with a variety of child friendly activities.

The Kids
Diva Mommies hosts quality children’s events  such as;  kiddie fashion shows, group excursions to shows, sporting events and hosting seasonal holiday parties.  We firmly believe in keeping the children engaged in a variety of fun, educational and entertaining settings.

Product Reviewer
We are available to review products. For further information or questions please contact thedivamommies@gmail.com