Traveling Kids

Vacationing with the Kids…are we there yet?

As much as you may want to lay on the beach in Fiji alone… deep down, you’ll miss that little grasshopper following you around. What’s good news, travel destinations are so child-friendly these days, enjoying a fab vacation with the kids in tow is a happy reality. Here are a few things when traveling with infants and young children you should know.

What is inspected?
Everything must go through the x-ray: stroller, carrier, booster seat, sling, back pack or baby bag. I would suggest leaving the big carriage at home and opt for the one-step umbrella stroller for traveling. Though I love my Bugaboo Cameleon… I would not travel on a plane with it.

Children’s Pat Downs
TSA will work with parents to resolve alarms. As parents who are pro-active, let’s double check that the children remove all items from their pockets during the checkpoints. This can lessen an already anxious situation.

What to pack
The key to a successful flight is being comfortable. We pack his knapsack with all that keeps him happy. Don’t pull everything out at once…that could turn into overload. As the flight progresses bring something new out. Most times you wont need everything in the go-to bag
Some of our travel must haves: Books, Leap Frog games (handhelds), stickers, coloring books, DVDs, head phones and the always needed action figures.

If age appropriate, have your child help pack this all important bag for the trip. Take the opportunity to discuss the expectations of the check-in, flight and vacation. As always, double check what they put in there, so there are no surprises.

Infant Travel
These guidelines are reviewed and updated by TSA regularly; my suggestion is to check your carrier and TSA prior to departure. You want to be prepared and informed when traveling with your baby and their essentials.

Breast Milk
Mothers with or without their child may carry breast milk in sensible quantities larger than 3.4 ounces; however it must be declared for inspection at the security checkpoint. TSA states it may be further inspected but you will not be asked to taste or test the breast milk or formula.

Things to Remember:
* You will not be asked to do anything to separate away from your baby or child.
* You can bring liquid filled teethers, can or jarred baby food in your baggage on board. Make sure that you separate the items out and declare at the inspection check point.

Quick tips for family travel
* 3-1-1 for Carry Ons
3.4 ounce bottles
1 quart size plastic bag
1 per person
* Check-in all large bottles and containers.
* Each family member should have their own bag, so as to stay orderly.
* Print the boarding pass in advance.
* Arrive early – rushing at the airport is so not “Diva” like.
* Pack a small bag with your child’s travel entertainment.
* Carry only what you need for the immediate flight on board.
* Check your carrier prior to departure for up to the minute traveling protocols.

Have a safe and wonderful trip!